Characteristics and Rolls

Primary Attributes

Strength: This is how much muscle your character bring to the table. It affects not only how hard of a punch your character can throw but also things like the strength of his grip and how much weight he/she can lift. To calculate your STR stat, simply roll three six-sided dice and add their numbers together.

Roll 3d6

Constitution: This is how tough your character is. It affects how much damage your character can take before going unconscious or dying, and how resistant your character is to disease and poison. CON is calculated in the same way as STR, by rolling three six-sided dice and adding their numbers.

Roll 3d6

Size: This is a measure of your character’s physical mass.It affects both how much damage your character can deal and how much they can take, as well as how easily your character could be picked up and tossed around. To calculate your character’s SIZ, roll two six-sided dice, add the results together, and then add six.

Roll 2d6+6

Dexterity: This stat is how agile and quick your character is. It affects things like keeping from tripping or stumbling while running away from a horde of flesh-eating ghouls. DEX is calculated in the same way as STR and CON, by adding together the results of three six-sided dice rolls.

Roll 3d6

Appearance: This stat is how appealing and charming your character is to others. Your character’s APP is calculated like their STR, CON, and DEX: roll three six-sides and add them together.

Roll 3d6

Intelligence: This stat is how cunning and able to deduce logical conclusions your character is. Your character’s INT stat is calculated in the same way as their SIZ stat, so you roll two six-sided dice and then add six to their sum.

Roll 2d6+6

Power: This stat is a combination of spirit, willpower, and mental stability. It affects a character’s ability with the use of magic, as well as their resistance to the damage to their sanity that knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos brings. POW is calculated in the same way as STR, CON, DEX, and APP, by rolling three six-sided dice and adding their values.

Roll 3d6

Education: This stat reflect the knowledge your character has acquired from their formal education. To calculate your character’s EDU stat, roll three six-sided dice, add the results, and then add three.

Roll 3d6+3

Secondary Attributes

Now that you have values for your primary attributes, you can calculate your secondary attributes. Also, before you begin playing, you can switch around any of the primary attributes that are rolled in the same way. So you can swap your STR, CON, DEX, APP, and POW stats with each other, as well as switch your INT and SIZ stats. Do that if you would like to. Once you’ve done so, you can calculate your secondary attributes, as so:

Idea: Multiply your INT score by 5 to get your Idea stat. The Idea stat will be used for when your character is making deductive leaps or trying to figure out the solution to a problem.

Knowledge: Multiply your EDU score by 5 to get your KNW stat. The KNW stat will be used for showing how your character’s training and education gives you insight in certain situations.

Luck: Multiply your POW score by 5 to get your Luck stat. The Luck stat will be used for seeing if fortune favors your character.

Damage Bonus: Your DB is a modifier applied to the damage caused by your character’s physical attacks. If your character is powerful enough, he/s will deal extra damage with their punches and kicks, but if they are too weak, they will deal less damage. Add your STR and SIZ scores. Then determine which of the following DBs you get based on the sum:

STR + SIZ Damage Bonus
2 – 12 -1D6
13 – 16 -1D4
17 – 24 +0
25 – 32 +1D4
33 – 40 +1D6

Hit Points: Add your SIZ and CON stats, then divide by two and round up. This is your character’s HP stat. This number will fluctuate as you take damage, so keep track of it. If it drops to 2 or less, your character will fall unconscious. If it drops to -2 or less, your character has died.

Magic Points: Your character’s MP is equal to their POW. Like HP, it will fluctuate as you cast spells and find arcane alien technology. If your character’s MP drops below 0, he/she will fall unconscious until their MPs are recovered.

Sanity: You character’s SAN starts at five times their POW stat. This stat represents your character’s ability to remain sane when confronted by the terrors they face. It can go both up and down, but can’t exceed 99 minus your Cthulhu Mythos skill.

Characteristics and Rolls

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