๏ Point-Blank Fire: If the distance to the target is equal to or less than the shooter’s DEX in feet, the shooter’s chance to hit is doubled.

๏ Extended Range: An Investigator may attack at up to double a weapon’s base range at 1/2 the normal chance to hit, triple at 1/4 chance, quadruple at 1/8 chance, etc. At such range, damage may be lessened as the bullet slows.

๏ Big Targets: Big things are easier to hit. For monsters over SIZ 30 or more, every 10 SIZ above SIZ 30 adds 5 percentiles to an attacker’s base chance to hit with a bullet, thrown object or shotgun round. Point-blank and extended range modifiers apply.

๏Aiming: Bracing or using instruments to aim allows the shooter to fire once in a round at half DEX. The effect is to double the point-blank and base ranges.

๏Reloading: Allow one combat round to load two rounds or shells into any handgun, rifle or shotgun.

Allow one combat round to exchange a clip.

Allow two rounds to attach a machine gun belt.

•In one round, it is possible to chamber one round and fire that shot at half DEX.

๏Two Handguns: One person may hold and fire two handguns during a combat round. Use the Unaimed
Shots rule below.

๏Unaimed Shots: Unaimed fire allows twice the number of attacks per round listed for the weapon. Reduce the shooter’s chance to 1/5 normal. If there is more than one target, determine randomly who is hit. Impales occur normally. Given laser sight aid and training, and Handgun
60% and above, increase the chance to hit to normal.

๏Malfunctions: If the roll is equal to or higher than the weapon’s malfunction range (mal), the weapon cannot fire.

•Consider this a dud round for revolvers, bolt-action rifles and double-barreled shotgun.

•Consider this a jam for automatic, semi-automatic, pump-action or lever action weapon.

Fixing the jam takes 1d6 combat rounds and a successful Mechanical Repair roll or a weapon skill roll for the firearm type jammed. The owner can keep trying until successful or until a result of 96-100 is rolled (in which case the weapon is ruined)


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