๏ Automatic Weapons: Weapons capable of this may fire in a burst on the shooter’s DEX score. For each shot fired in the burst, raise the attacker’s chance to hit by five percentiles up
to double. Roll d100 once for all shots. If the attack roll is a success roll the die type equal to the number of shots (6 shots = d6). The result of thisroll determinesthe number of hits. Only the first bullet impales.

•If multiple targets are spread across a field of fire, the shooter’s chance to hit is not modified. Each target is rolled for separately to hit. The shooter allots how many bullets head toward each target.

•If a single target or multiple targets are within a narrow cone of fire (i.e. coming down a hallway or tunnel), increase the shooter’s chance to hit, but no more than double.

๏ Revolvers: A fully loaded revolver may go off accidently. Resolve this with a Luck Roll. To avoid this completely, load only five shots

๏ Shotguns: Double-barrel shotguns may fire both rounds simultaneously at DEX in one round, one barrel at DEX andat half DEX in the same round or one barrel each in different rounds. Depending on gauge, a pump-action may fire once or twice a round. Any semi-automatic fires once or twice in a round.


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