๏Kick: May parry. May only rarely knock out.

๏Head Butt: May be used in cramped quarters. May knock out.

๏ Fist/Punch: May parry kicks and head butts. May knock out.

๏Grapple: If a grapple check is successful and not neutralized (via a STR vs. STR Resistance Table roll, and note that additional attackers combine their STR), the attacker holds the target and may thereafter may exercise one of the following options:

•Immobilize the Target: By overcoming the target’s STR with his or her own STR using the Resistance Table. With a success the target is held indefinitely until the grappler attempts another action.

•Knock Down the Target: If used, this action is automatically successful.

•Knock Out the Target: in a first or later round. See the knock-out rule, p. 60.

•Disarm the Target: The initial Grapple roll acts as a Parry. Thereafter, the second successful Grapple roll may seize the weapon or the weapon hand.

•Physically Injure the Target: If successful the target receives 1d6 damage. This may be repeated each round.

•Strangle the Target: Beginning the round the intention is stated, the target begins to asphyxiate as per the Drowning rules. This continues in subsequent rounds. The attacker requires no further Grapple rolls.

๏Martial Arts: If the successful attack roll is less than the Martial Arts skill, the attack does double damage.


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