๏ Armor: Subtract the listed hit point factor from the damage

๏Dodge: An investigator may only dodge the first bullet shot at him in a round. If dodging, an investigator may also parry, but not attack.

๏ Impales: On a d100 result equal to 1/5 or less of the player’s
skill with a pointed weapon an Impale occurs.
•Roll for damage twice on an Impale.
•Some Mythos creatures are immune to Impales.
•Hand-to-hand weapons stick in the target on an impale and the investigator may spend another round making another weapon skill roll to free the weapon. Removing the weapon deals no damage.

๏ Parry: Parry equals the weapon skill and may only be
performed once per round. The target of the parry is
declared at the beginning of the round.

๏ Surprise: Those surprised act at 1/2 DEX. Extreme surprise
affords no attacks for the surprised party in the first round,

๏Knock-Out Attacks: Using unarmed or blunt attacks, roll damage as normal and compare the result against the target’s HP on the Resistance Table. If the attacker is successful, the target takes 1/3 damage and is knocked out for several rounds. On a defender success, the target takes full damage. A successful First-Aid or Medicine roll immediately wakes a target.

•Most Mythos creatures may not be knocked out.
•Humanoid creatures may be knocked out at Keeper discretion.

๏ Thrown Weapons: If an investigator throws an object add half of his damage bonus to the
damage done. See also the Throw Skill.

๏ Two Weapons: Two melee weapons may be held, but only one attack and one parry may be made per round, as usual


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